When bottom rolling, sliding door components are required, Global Doors’ own brand Glidepro is the ideal choice.

Designed especially for any installations where an aperture sliding door solution is required. Glidepro is a complete component system for fabricators of sliding wardrobe doors, and in fact, Glidepro components are used in our own brand sliding wardrobe ranges too.

Choose from the S200 Steel range, or the A100, A200 or A300 Aluminium ranges, all of which are always in stock.

Our exacting machinery and tools enable us to offer bespoke as well as standard sized doors and frames.

With each door frame being offered in a selection of finishes, co-ordinating with your customers’ chosen door panels has never been easier.

The Glidepro door components are suitable for use with 4mm glass or mirror panels and 8mm MFC or MDF.

Each component item is colour matched throughout the complement, to ensure that the overall finished product has a premium aesthetic appearance.

Each bottom rolling Glidepro door component carries a five year guarantee.

In addition to supplying the full range of components, and associated accessories required for the manufacturing of your customers’ sliding doors, Global Doors also offers the specialist tools required to fabricate the doors themselves.

Glidepro components, the ‘preferred’ choice for many established sliding wardrobe installers.

This premium range of bottom rolling door components carries a five year guarantee, and all interior hardware and fittings is offered with a two year guarantee.

Colour matched throughout, each component fitted will ensure an overall cohesive appearance.

Simple to assemble, the Glidepro door components are suitable for use with 4mm glass or mirror panels and 8mm MFC or MDF.

If you would like to learn more about the Glidepro range, or to discuss becoming a Global Doors customer, please get in touch.

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